About Athlete University

Athlete University has three core initiatives: Sports performance, developing student athletes, and fighting childhood obesity. In our Sports Performance Program, we train all athletes in specific skills pertaining to their sport. The High School Development Program, athletes are trained for their specific sport and are mentored through educational seminars, group discussions, and public speaking. To fight childhood obesity, we created our Active Kids Program. As part of the program, we offer weekly lessons to teach the fundamentals of speed & agility, balance, strength, and flexibility. In order to raise more awareness, we also attend various community events related to kids.

In all of our initiatives we implement the Gold Standard as the foundation for success. The Gold Standard consists of working hard, being accountable and paying attention to detail. Life’s possibilities are endless with these principles.

Tim is a South Florida native and attended Glades Central High School, where he excelled in academics and athletics. His high school success gave him the opportunity to attend Stanford University on a football scholarship. After a short stint in the CFL, he returned to South Florida and began working in corporate America. During this time, happiness became a priority and Tim decided to find something he loved, so he would never have to work again. After talking with a number of student athletes, combined with his own experience, he decided to find a way to help student athletes succeed on and off the field. This was the beginning of Athlete University.

Wale is a native of Chicago, Illinois, graduated from Washington State University and is a former NFL football player. He has always had a vision to make an impact in the community through athletics and mentoring. Competing in sports has been a lifelong passion, but the success of others has always meant the most to him. After writing a business plan in high school, he used that same plan to open a workout facility over 10 years ago. During this time, he has been able to train a variety of athletes in numerous sports, on every level. After speaking with Tim about their passions they decided to create Athlete University.

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