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To Quit, or not to QUIT?!

To Quit, or not to QUIT?!

According to google dictionary, quitting is defined as leaving, usually permanently.

Rewind back to the year of 1998, I was just a sophomore in High School. I had no idea I was about to make a decision that would change the trajectory of my ENTIRE LIFE!

I found myself buried on the depth chart, behind other players that I knew I was better than (or at least I thought I was.) This was a huge shot to my young ego, and I decided that I would QUIT the high school football team. I discussed this with my dad, and he told me, “NO WAY! When you start something you must FINISH!” As a result, I stayed on the team, ended up starting the last 2 games of the season, and continued on to eventually earn a Division 1 College Scholarship!!!

I sit here now and wonder how different my life would be if I threw in the towel, and did not step-up to the challenge.

Had I quit, you probably would NOT be reading this.

Had I quit, I wouldn’t have an experience to share.

Had I quit, I would not have been able to travel the world, build relationships, solve difficult problems, and I would’ve accepted quitting as my norm

If you think about it, this was a seemingly small decision at the time but it ultimately made a monumental difference! I now realize that I am not only making decisions for myself, but for generations to come… this is my STAMP, my LEGACY!

This is my story…but take a look at yourself. It may not be football, or even sports related. Think about what you are passionate about…is it difficult? Are you facing adversity? Are you thinking about quitting? Or, are you going to stand up, stick it out, give it your ALL, and change your entire LIFE?

We all have the power to be GREAT at whatever we do, but how bad are you willing to work for it?  Take over your mind, body and life in order to reach your highest potential!

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Wale Dada
Wale is a native of Chicago, Illinois, graduated from Washington State University and is a former NFL football player. He has always had a vision to make an impact in the community through athletics and mentoring.

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