High School Development Program

In our program, we not only give the kids the tools necessary to successfully transition from high school to collegiate sports, but we also assist them with their social and academic transitions. In our weekly discussions and seminars we discuss a variety of topics to improve the athlete’s character, awareness of possible campus dangers, and good academic habits. To further assist in their academic and career development, we have professionals from different arenas speak about the events leading up to their career decisions, as well a typical day in their profession. This gives the student athletes overviews on multiple careers to help them in choosing the major that’s best for them.

  • Mentoring
  • Developing Leadership Skills
  • Personal Development
  • Group Environment
  • Public Speaking
  • Sports Specific Workouts (3 times/week)

High School Development Program – $135 for 1 Week

High School Development Program – $500/month (recurring)

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