Kids Camp (up to 13 years old)

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 20% of kids in the United States suffer form obesity. We created our kids program to help fight child obesity by giving kids the foundation of an active and healthy lifestyle. Kids will learn the fundamentals that will help them enhance their overall athleticism, while interacting in a team environment.

Fundamentals include:

  • Speed & Agility – develop efficient movement techniques and improve coordination
  • Endurance– sustain a higher level of performance for a longer period of time
  • StrengthTraining – increase muscle strength and explosive power
  • Balance –stay on your feet and in control
  • Reaction Speed – reduce muscle response time and anticipate opponent movements
  • Flexibility– improve range-of-motion and prevent injury
  • 5 days/week

Active Kids Camp – $500/month

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